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Luxury watches for women are a rapidly growing in popularity and there are many varieties to choose from. Traditionally, women’s watches have smaller dials, narrower straps and are lighter than men’s watches. More recently, watches for women have been designed as chunkier, statement pieces.

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Women’s watches vary in style in terms of colours, metal choices and embellishments. They range from more understated yet classic style watches in full yellow or rose gold or more flamboyant and luxurious watches encrusted with diamonds or precious gems. Importantly, ladies watches are as much about function as they are about aesthetics. Fine brands such as Rolex and Cartier consistently use the highest calibre of materials and technology to create all of their watches. Of course, many women are now choosing men’s watches or unisex models as investment pieces. At Bezel Brothers Auction Site, we aim to provide you with high quality and low prices on whatever watch type you choose in UK, Europe and Ireland.