How to Sell your watch

As of October 2020, the pre-owned luxury watch market was worth 15.7 billion euros and growing fast. Constant supply and demand has ensured some of the top brands continue to appreciate in value. It is no wonder the that at some stage we may want to part with our own beautiful and cherished timepiece, be it a Rolex, Patek Phillipe Audemars or any other loved watch.

Selling a watch can be a worrisome process for some, cast with doubt due to the number and quality of fakes and scammers on the market today. Multiple channels are available for you to sell your watch. You may opt to sell it in person to a store where they may offer you less than what the watch is worth, but at least you have assurance and peace of mind. You may also opt for one of the popular buy and sell pages, some of which are still open to scammers today and are not 100% safe and secure.

How to Sell

Whatever the route you chose, we would advise the following key points;

  1. Authenticity – Do your due diligence and be assured of authenticity
  2. Use a reputable platform or dealer where your rights and finances are protected
  3. Know the market – look at the value of similar watches to your own

Here at Bezel Brothers we aim to offer a marketplace where you can be assured that the watch you are selling will go to another enthusiast and all dealings are protected. We vet all of our buyers and sellers to aim to provide peace of mind for all parties. We also provide an ESCROW checkout for payment ensuring your money is in a secure place.

Finally, enjoy the process.

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